The fresh aroma of masalas being made reminds me of my childhood. Every summer, traditional families had a ritual of making their masalas that were to be stored and used for the entire year. Those were the days of joint families, a very foreign concept for us now. Summer was a perfect time as there was plenty of sunshine and spreading all the whole spices in large quantities, on a cotton or muslin cloth in the sun to dry the spices was easy. Those spices were then cleaned of any debris and mixed in different proportions to be then pounded into powders known as "masalas". These were stored in large clay pot containers , and usually lasted for a whole year.

Different regions from India use different proportions of whole spices to make these masalas. Some masalas are famous from certain States of India. Garam Masala is the most common and well known of the Indian spice blends. I grew up watching my mother making her own masalas at home and the aromas were amazing, and would enliven my senses. As I started making my own masalas, I realized that there is so much more to the art of making masalas than just randomly throwing a few whole spices together and grinding them to add to a dish.

I decided to offer my spice blend and masalas for cooking enthusiasts originally but realized that they would be so useful for working couples, singles and students to put together flavorful meals quickly without too much fuss. I hope you enjoy our line of masalas and spice blends as much as we have in our family.